Spatial Risk
Oil on Canvas
28" x 38"
In slashing his canvases Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) created a series of dramatic images, attempting to convey the notion of space.  In relieving the canvas of it's tautness he rejected the traditional format of a flat tightly stretched canvas. The observer was asked to look beyond the canvas and consider space, movement and time as opposed to color, perspective and form.
Spatial risk considers such themes by raising the nexus between the market and space, time and risk. The slashed canvas raises questions as to the Darwinian cut throat nature of the market as well as whether the theorems associated with Supply and Demand are applicable to all economies over all time and space?
The painted black frame, reminiscent of  Jo Baer (1929 - ), suggests that the use of the Supply of Demand apparatus is conditioned by its context. The sloping diagram is raising the issue as to whether the risk associated with the market is a moral good or bad. It is unclear whether it is sloping down to the right? Or the left?