Praise for Art: Works
These striking pieces capture in an exciting and highly imaginative way economic symbolism in a world unified by markets and trade.
Barry McCormick, Professor of Economics at the University of Southampton
Just as Pop Art entered the world of advertising and comic books, Stephen Dunn's brilliant series of paintings turns to the economics textbook, with a skillful mixture of playful irony and wry humour. For the artist there is beauty and originality, but also, for the economist, there is great satire in these images, challenging the false persona of clean rigour and absolute certainty that the discipline of economics presents to the wider world.
Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Research Professor in Economics, University of Hertfordshire, UK and former Reader, University of Cambridge
Fascinating paintings.
G.C. Harcourt, Reader in the History of Economic Theory, Emeritus, University of Cambridge
Even more of a polymath than I thought
Clive H. Smee C.B.E., Professor in Economics, University of Surrey
Detail, S&D
Oil on Canvas
36” x 48”